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  • Do you have experience in a Health, Development or Machine Learning related position?
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The organization

Today we are used to having most information – anywhere in the world – right at our fingertips. It may therefore surprise you that this is not the case at all for the hospital world.

When we started building the Patient Finder search engine, we thought we could build a simple application that could automatically identify patients for clinical trials. However, in the process of developing this, we have gradually come to see that we are building something much more fundamental.

The problem in hospitals is that the data in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) is not suitable for performing automated analyses. About 70% of the data consists of text (unstructured data), and standard BI tools cannot handle that well. The result is that in practice doctors still have to do manual searches in the unstructured data.

This company is developing a data platform in which the unstructured data is organized using machine learning and then stored together with the structured data from the EHR. The platform contains two innovative applications with which the EHR data can be searched and collected.

The aim of this software has always been to support doctors in their work using data technology and it is with this in mind that we continue to develop and expand our platform. It goes without saying that privacy legislation forms a guideline in this. The search engine is currently used daily in more than 40 hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our ambition is to expand the footprint of our platform to other key care and research hospitals across EMEA over the next few years.

The Position

As a Director of Product you are responsible for addressing organizational, technical, partnership or capability barriers to delivery and realization of product offerings. This means you supervise professionals across multiple levels, ensure they can work as efficient as possible and lead the product team in setting the short- and long-term vision and roadmap. Although you report directly into the general director, the position demands a high level of responsibility and proactivity.

The primary role of the director is to keep the teams running effectively by streamlining operations and budgets and implementing new ideas. Your biggest challenge will be leading the development teams to move from a Dutch oriented client base to the international stage. Our product owners and engineers are used to working with our Dutch sales representatives and Dutch hospital users. For 2023 the goal is to onboard sales teams in at least five different countries and subsequently implement 20+ client hospitals in those countries. To be able to support this, our development teams will have to grow, our processes need to mature, and our products need to be adapted to integrate or interface with other products. We need to create a robust organizational structure. It is your responsibility to show leadership in successfully navigating this transformation.

Although the variety of tasks and responsibilities of the Director of Product are difficult to describe in a definitive list, most of your responsibilities will fall into three categories: product manager, people manager, project manager.

Product Manager

As a product manager you are responsible for maintaining the overall roadmap, guide the product owners in their team’s roadmap and interface with the larger business on a strategic level for international business development. You guide creative sessions concerning features which require more than one team, and you spearhead new and daring developments which ensure we remain the market’s leading hospital search engine. You ensure that all team members are fully aware of the vision, the mission, and the strategy that we are working on together.

People Manager

As a people manager you are responsible for the well-being and effectiveness of all employees in the development team, together with the team leads. Any complex issues they might be facing you will guide them or help them out directly, especially when dealing with larger, corporate issues. You are their champion and their greatest supporter. Together with the team leads you will create or update policies and coach them when setting personal goals and objectives for team members to achieve results and personal development.

Project Manager

As a project manager you oversee activities to ensure completion of the product or project on schedule and within budget, especially activities or features that require interdepartmental collaboration between other companies. You create the business and the budget plans for yearly investment requests and can argue their need to the investment committee. Whenever a project is initiated with a client for our specific needs – for instance the purchase and deployment of a specialist artificial intelligence server behind the client firewall – you are the spokesperson and leader of that project toward our client.

  • Experience in a similar position (Head of product, Lead Product Owner or Product manager)
  • Several years of experience with Development, Machine Learning or within healthcare
  • Excellent skills in English
  • Experience introducing software within hospitals in Europe is big plus
  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Annual bonus based on company performance/personal performance
  • International organization
  • Contribute to better Healthcare in Europe
  • Pension scheme
  • Flexible hours, opportunity to work partially remote

If you would like to apply for this position or have any questions regarding this position? Please send me your resume to discuss this opportunity to Daan@Layer.nl or give me a quick call +31613150670.



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